31 Years: Gifts from Martin Weinstein

Minneapolis Institute of Arts

My newest project is hot of the presses and I couldn’t be happier. “31 Years: Gifts from Martin Weinstein,” the gorgeous catalogue published by the Minneapolis Institute of Arts to accompany the exhibition of the same name is available at the museum and online. Engagingly written by curator David E. Little, inventively designed by Matthew Rezac, and edited by yours truly, “31 Years” is a celebration of Martin’s decades of generosity to the museum and a look at how his keen eye, his populist impulse, and his friendship with founding photography curator Ted Hartwell helped build and champion the MIA’s photography collection. The book includes informal comments by David, Martin, and noted American photographer Alec Soth. For more about Martin’s legacy and influence, you can read Mary Abbe’s review of the exhibition in the Star Tribune. And you can see Martin in action in this enchanting video.

I had the privilege of seeing the show on opening night, and plan to go again this weekend. You can catch it until August 31, 2014.

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1 Response to 31 Years: Gifts from Martin Weinstein

  1. It’s a fantastic show, people should run, not walk, to the MIA to see it. And of course, to buy the catalogue.

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